Sunday, November 15, 2009

Assistive Technology-Module 1

We have now moved into another area of study--Assistive Technology.  It is so interesting to read about and listen to people with disabilities and how they can overcome their struggles to live their lives everyday. I had a deaf child in my second grade class last year and was face to face with the challenges that arise just from daily living.  She opened my eyes to the possibilities that are out there and the determination that is required to experience life to the fullest.

The National Federation of the Blind's website is filled with programs to learn about Braille.  If I were introducing this to my students, I would love to get the Braille is Beautiful program because it is a hands-on program that teaches students an understanding toward blind people and that Braille can be fun.

I am sure that I would approach having a blind student in my room the same way I approached having a deaf student in my room.  I bought a bunch of books from Amazon about deaf children and books that had deaf children as main characters so that I could share them with my hearing students.  I also taught the rest of my class sign language whenever possible so that they could share in what was happening between the interpreter and the deaf student.  I would want my students to understand what it is like to be blind and to have an appreciation of what life is like with that disability.

I was glad to be introduced to the National Center for Learning Disabilities website and link for teachers.  As a second grade teacher, every year I am faced with a student (if not more) that has a learning disability.  This website will give me wonderful strategies to try out as well as different ways to reach the student.   

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