Monday, November 23, 2009

Assistive Technology-Module 3

Software Company Price Features
Inspiration Inspiration     Software, Inc. $69.00 for one license,          $895.00 for 20 licenses Concept Maps,    KWL, Charts,        Tree Diagrams
Kurzweil         3000 Kurzweil     Educational    Systems,       Cambium        Learning  Technologies Learn Station    $395,      Professional BW $1095,   Professional     Color $1495, Learning Lab     Pack BW $1995, Learning Lab     Pack Color $2695 The program           will read text             for the student,       rate of reading       and voice can be adjusted, Definitions can be heard for vocabulary,      Scanner   compatability
Windows Demos Microsoft Cost of       purchasing a PC Windows Touch, Magnifier, Accelerators,        Ease of Access Center
InfoEyes Mid-Illinois         Talking Book      Center Free Question and      answer service        for people with         visual       impairments

Software Good Bad
Inspiration Helps students       with learning      through visuals, training resources for teachers Costly to buy  licenses for many computers
Kurzweil 3000 Extra support for students who struggle with reading, writing, and study skills, training for     teachers Specific    Make/Model of scanners        required for    teachers to add    their material
Windows Demos Text read aloud, text enlarged, adjust magnifier, control without a keyboard or      mouse Not available for MacBook
InfoEyes iVocalize Software  is utilized, tips are provided for both the user and the communicator Scheduling is required for use

I can implement assistive technology in my school through various means.  Simple items such as pencil grippers or using a piece of paper to allow students to focus on one question at a time will help learners.  More extensive items can be used with children who have special needs.  An FM System is used by a student that was in my class last year so that she can hear her teachers with special hearing aides.  The  Occupational Therapist at my school uses a special putty for students to build up the strength in their hands.  In the library, magnifiers could be used for students who have visual difficulty.  There are endless ways to implement assistive technology and it is exciting that we live in a world where this technology is available!!

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