Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Assistive Technology-Module 4

Shelley White, injured in September 2001 by a powered parachuting accident, acquired a C5 spinal cord injury.  She is a learning support teacher at my school and gave a presentation to my class.  Shelley wrote a book about her accident called, New Opportunities, about a porcupine named Spiney that had an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury.  She gives school visits to teach children about having a disability and how it doesn't have to hold a person back.  You can visit her website and learn how this teacher decided to use her disability to teach children.  She truly is an inspiration to both children and


I took the quiz relating to people with disabilities and did very well with it.  I feel that my knowledge and attitude is appropriate for a teacher and I have good etiquette when talking to people that have a disability.  I was not surprised by the results and correct answers given in the quiz.  

When doing a web search on Assistive Technology I found five websites that had useful knowledge.

Access IT, The National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education, University of Washington

This website provides the reader with a definition of Assistive Technology and over 160 articles about accessible information such as web pages, instructional software, and telecommunications and office equipment.

AbleData is a website that gives the reader information about assistive technology products and equipment.  They do not sell the actual products, but help people locate the companies that do sell the products.  There are over 36,000 products listed, resource listings, and a library of publications about assistive technology.

This website was created as a guide for families learning about Assistive Technology.  There is a definition of AT provided as well as a guide to making AT decisions and funding for AT.  There are links to Advocating for Assistive Technology, examples, and may articles that families can explore.

Wisconsin CESA Districts

This website provides a lending library, free publications, classroom materials, and learning opportunities for Assistive Technology.  The free materials are outstanding and discuss topics such as AT for Communication, AT for Computer Access, AT for Reading, AT for Recreation and Leisure, as well as materials for those who read Spanish as their main language.

This informational website provides the user with Computer Access Solutions for the blind, deaf, and those with learning disabilities.  Ability Hub provides consulting, evaluation, and training in Assistive Technology products and devices.  There is a plethora of information about mouse and keyboard alternatives, speech recognition software, and links to related searches.

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