Monday, October 12, 2009

Week #6, Thing #14

Technorati is a great tool to use when searching blogs.  Before this class, I had no idea that this type of application was available.  It allows the user to search for topics in blogs based on the tags added to the post.  This tool is another way to search through the endless pages on the Internet and narrows down what is available.  I searched for Classroom Learning 2.0 and School Library Learning 2.0 as well as other topics that I find interesting.

The results were immediately posted and I was able to scroll through hundreds of posts that were related to my various searches.  This would be helpful for any teacher or librarian who wants to stay current on topics pertaining to their field.  It also allows a blogger to be a part of something bigger, and help others by adding tags to a post.  I enjoyed looking at this website and I will definitely use it for both personal and professional searches.

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