Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week #9, Thing #21

I was first introduced to podcasts several years ago by my mom.  She found a few podcasts that were nice to listen to and we added them to our iPods.  We liked to download Dr. Wayne Dyer's podcasts as well as his audiobooks.  I would listen to them before falling asleep at night so that I could unwind from the day and get some positive affirmations.

I began searching for educational podcasts for this post and subscribed to Children's Book Radio.  I have linked their website in case you are interested in looking them up.  I think that this kind of podcast will be very valuable to me if I get a school library job.  It is important to stay on top of children's literature and book reviews are a good way to do just that.  Not only does this podcast give excellent book reviews, but interviews of authors are also included.  This podcast will be very useful to teachers as well as librarians.    

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