Monday, October 12, 2009

Week #6, Thing #15

I found an example of this program that has been modified through a Google search.  The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has a program called 23 Learning 2.0 Things.  It seems that many activities are similar to this program through CLSA 2.0.  Many do not understand that copyright laws apply on the Internet, or they do not care.  It is so easy for people to just copy and paste, and most do not stop to think that what they are copying is someone else's work.

I enjoyed reading Tom Storey's article, Web 2.0: Where will the next generation Web take libraries?    He points out the the web used to be a cool place to check out different sites but now it is a place of social networking and used in many aspects of our lives.  I agree with Storey and can see that I do not go a day without using the Internet.  Further, it is used more in my classroom now than ever before.  Daily e-mails are the way teachers and administrators communicate with each other.  We recently had a new program utilized by our school district to take attendance, lunch counts, and post grades.  So even as we move into the next decade of using the Internet, I can see that its use is ever increasing.

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  1. CE/PD can be tricky in terms of copyright. The public librarians built on Abrams' article in Information Outlook, which I read when it first appeared. Pre-fan. Librarians need to make sure they cite materials when they're doing staff devt.