Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week #1, Things #1 & #2

I know already that I am a lifelong learner.  This is my second Master’s degree and it will be completed within ten years of earning my undergrad degree.  I have a love of learning through taking classes, participating in discussions, and completing assignments.  I also love learning through informal activities such as music groups, yoga, reading, and talking to friends.

Out of the 7 ½ Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners, I feel that Habit 1, Begin With the End in Mind, is the easiest for me.  I entered into this Master’s program with the knowledge that at the end of it I will be at the top of my pay scale in my school district, and I will have another degree so that I have more career choices.  Keeping these goals in mind is my motivation for always doing my best and continuing with courses even when it feels overwhelming.

The habit that is the hardest for me is Habit 3, View Problems as Challenges.  I am certainly quick to jump to a “woe is me” attitude when problems arise.  (Perhaps it’s my flair for the dramatics!)  My mother always told me that we learn through adversity and that seems to be the theme for this habit.  I would like to learn to take a step back when something in my life does not go the way I expect.  I want to analyze the situation and figure out what I can learn from it.

Overall, I am excited as we begin this course because I love using technology and I am always glad when I can learn new ways that technology will help me as well as my students.   

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I love your blog - it is very cute! I also love that you match your avatar! Great job!