Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week #5, Thing #10

Exploring image generators was a lot of fun!  Using image generators is a creative way to add to your library or classroom.  I enjoyed Image Chef and created an image to compliment my Hollywood theme in my second grade classroom.  I already have a Hollywood star with my name on it displayed in my window, but this would be a nice addition!

I can really see the value of adding images that can be created through sites such as Comic Strip Generator to a School Library website.  Jurkowski (2006) states that almost all school libraries have a website because of the "immediacy of updates."  Further, the design of the website is an important component.  I think that the addition of personalized comics and images to a library website will keep it from appearing drab with basic information such as employees, hours, and contact information.  Librarians will have fun using their creativity through image generators!

Jurkowski, O.L. (2006). Technology and the school library: 
     A comprehensive guide for media specialists and other 
     educators. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

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  1. excellent job of weaving process and application (love the hollywood star).