Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week #5, Thing #11

When searching through Web 2.0 awards on I was surprised to see many sites that I have not seen before.  It was nice looking at the top websites in various categories such as books, education, food, games, video, and social networking.  One website on this list that I am very familiar with is PBwiki, now named PBWorks.  I have used this website for creating wikis for both graduate school and personal use.  Wikis are a quick and easy way to post information for others to see and it is a wonderful tool for collaboration. 

It was especially fun to collaborate with my fellow graduate students in other classes as we worked on group projects.  It gave each of us the ability to add to our assignment and work toward the completed project.  

I also explored Library 2.0 on Ning.  This is an excellent resource to collaborate with other librarians and to share ideas about how to use the most current technology available.  Right away I saw that there is a was to subscribe to the RSS for this site and that there are already over 4,000 members!   

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