Monday, September 7, 2009

Week #4, Thing #8

Using RSS feeds are very beneficial when you want to keep track of items without visiting each individual web page.  I created a Google Reader account to keep track of blogs that I follow.  Google Reader allows you to create folders to organize what you are reading, which really helps me to keep my blogs separated by theme.  I have a folder for my Clarion friends' blogs and two other folders for personal blogs that I follow.  That way I can go into Google Reader,   click on one folder, and read only those blog entries.

RSS feeds have already made a difference in my life, not just in Blog Land.  My husband and I lead a praise band for our church and we have created an RSS feed for the song lists each week.  That way band members can subscribe to our RSS feed and to find out the songs we will be playing each week.  It helps them to know what to prepare for without having to keep visiting our website.

I can see that libraries would benefit from using RSS feeds.  They could post new book or journal arrivals for their patrons along with important news feeds about libraries or just news in general.  Patrons would be able to find this information in one place and use it for their own reference.  This would save the patrons a trip to the library to find out if their favorite book is in.  They would already know by reading the RSS feed! 

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