Monday, September 7, 2009

Week #3, Thing #5

I enjoyed looking at Flickr and all that it has to offer.  I have heard of this site before, but never used it since my family and friends utilize Shutterfly or Snapfish for our photo sharing.  Uploading pictures to Flickr was easy on my MacBook.  My Yahoo account came up automatically and I just had to pick a name for this account.  After I uploaded the photos, I added the descriptions and tagged the photos, "Classroom Learning 2.0" so that they could be easily searched.  I can see why joining groups and using tags makes searching for images easier for everyone.  It's a great idea to share your pictures with others this way.   

Since I don't work in a library yet, I uploaded pictures of my second grade classroom.  I teach using a Hollywood theme so you can see the decorations that go with this theme in the pictures.  I do have a shot of my classroom library!  The books are divided by genre and author in baskets on the shelves so my students can find what they are looking for!  

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  1. good librarian insight about tagging. I like your thematic approach to instruction