Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week #5, Thing #12

I have never heard of Rollyo before and I enjoyed exploring this website.  This website allows you to create a list of websites from which you can search for a topic.  I tried a few searches on Rollyo from searchrolls that were already created and found this to be a good idea.  If you are searching for something it will narrow down where the search happens and you can put together trusted sites that you like to use.  

For my assignment, I chose to find websites about Weather as it pertains to younger students since this is a unit that I teach my second graders.  I like the concept, but I had a very difficult time getting my websites to load up.  I don't think that this website is compatible with MacBook users.  I even attempted to fire up my Vaio and use Internet Explorer (then I remembered why I love Macs so much!), but I had trouble saving my websites there as well.  Even loading up the various pages within the site began to move so slowly.  Hopefully this will be worked out in the future. 

 Here is a link to my Rollyo about Elementary Weather.  

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